Describe blogs (V.2)

So, hi! Rhea over here. :) Here’s another ‘describe blogs’ post about you guys, my fellow bloggers. This is just my second time around to describe blogs so I’m sorry if you find my words so mababaw. Haha! I don’t have much that wide vocabulary about English, so yeah. =)) Anyway, I have to describe a total of 10 blogs today. I won’t divide them into parts since I think it’ll be a lot more of more. /didanyonegetmethere?  Haha! So, let’s begin! :D

1. Hanna is one of the ClickersPH. (Yay, hello fellow P&S user!) Her blog is filled of photographs lately which mainly expresses her thoughts and feelings. She also posts text posts and has a cute yet simple theme. :3

2. Nicole is one of my favorite members of ClickersPH. This girl (or her blog) is really worth to follow! Her blog is also filled with her recent photographs. She creatively thinks of a thing to be photograph and how to position the camera to get the right angle of something.

3. Pamela is a reblogger. She is also my follower on my old main blog which is consist of my tweaked themes, typographies, simple code tutorials and the like. It makes me feel so happy that she is following me up until here as I get my personal blog instead of focusing on reblogging stuffs. Her theme is cute and has a few details about her.

4. Cheska is a talented girl who presents her thoughts through pictures. She updates her blog with her 366 day challenge. Her blog is mainly consist of her photographs. She also got a cute banner and has a simple layout.

5. Micah Jenilois has a really cute banner :3 And her theme is so dainty! Hee~ This is one of the blogs I instantly follow! (except if you’re a reblogger thingo~) She is one of my favorite ClickersPH members’ too! She also posts about her OOTD occasionally.

6. Malu was one of the girls I TA-ed before (when I was blog-hopping). I said that she has a cute theme! Haha :3 Okay, i’m a sucker of those cutesy themed blog. :3 Also a member of ClickersPH. Well obviously, she posts photographs thingo. :)

7. Ciara is one of the few girls I talk with here on Tumblr. She posts about fashion, outfits for the day, about school and other personal posts. She’s sweet and loving too to her BF. Hihi~ 

8. Marella posts about shopping, outfits, DIY and the like. A personal blog. Has a clean theme and nice banner :)

9. Guessiella is one of the youngsters I know who blogs differently from a typical 12-year old kid. This girl has a very creative hands which makes me jealous! Haha jk~ Her blog is a personal blog. She posts about their family trip, photographs, artworks and so much more. A bookworm and a must-follow blog :)

10. Rav is one of my ‘Ate’ here on Tumblr! Hihi :3 Her blog is also a must-follow blog. :) Her blog is also a personal blog. She posts about food, girl inspirations, family trips, movies/tv series, fashion etc. All-in-one blog that you guise should really follow! :) She looks like Saab Magalona too! <3

Until next post! <3  

Tagged: Versatile Blogger Award

The rules:

(1)Thank the person who gave you this award.

(2) Include a link to their blog.

(3)Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

(4) Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

(5) Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Facts about myself:

  • I am shy meeting new people for I lack social skills. *croo croo* (no wonder why I don’t have much pals online and offline)
  • I’m choosy when it comes to food! I rarely eat fruits and seafoods. Vegetable all the way. Haha!
  • I’m a bookworm way back from the past years. But now, I’m not that interested with books anymore so I don’t consider myself as one of you, people who loves reading books.
  • I’m a sucker of anything floral. Woohoo, who doesn’t love florals? :”)
  • I’m very OC to shoes and I’m impulsive when shopping! No wonder why I always have no money left with me. ;__;
  • Doesn’t like stuff toys and perfume as gift. IRDK why, but yeah.
  • NO CHILDHOOD YEARS. Hahaha OMG =)))) I started playing outside (not literally outside. maybe at school, something like that.) when I was in my 4th grade. My parents don’t allow me to play with ze other kids, so yeah. I also don’t watch TV and I don’t know diff. cartoon character. I’m reading book all-day long when I was a kiddo. Heehee~
Thank you Ate Kenishia for the tag! :) The fifteen bloggers I recently followed or follow regularly are the following: JamieAmanda, Lara, Maica, Gabriella, Bea, Rizza, Lalaina, Ciara, Nat, Celina, Kayra, Charlene, Shani and Cherryl.