Shop Alert: Asianvogue Shop

I’m sure that almost all of us everyone knows Asianvogue Shop. :) Well, Asianvogue Shop is a well-known shop that offers a wide collection of shoes such as flats, boots, wedges, platforms, pumps and even heel-less shoes! Asianvogue Shop also offers bags and clothes that are a big hit every time they upload.

Asianvogue Shop, the brainchild of Angel del Rosario, an online fashion boutique from the Philippines was established on May 2009. Dedicated to cater every fashionista’s ever changing style. The shop provides shoppers with an extensive selection of fashion forward footwears and bags. - Angel del Rosario

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Please don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow at 8 pm! You guys already know the drill. :) Product pictures and logo are all from Asian Vogue.

Shop Alert: The Overruns Store

As a woman, we really try to wear clothes that will really match our likes and personality. We really give a lots of effort upon dressing because that’s basically how people will judge us whenever they saw us for the first time, meet us for the first time and etc. Now, as we aspire to be one of the most elegant woman in our own town, I am bringing you just another one shop that will surely satisfy your taste and will lead you to a total chic and probably a new talk-of-the town hottie! :) Let me introduce to you, the “The Overruns Store”.

The Overruns store (formerly Zara Overruns) is a shop owned by Ms. Jeanette Salvilla. Her store offers you the most affordable authentic branded and brand new clothes in town! They are selling overruns and not imitations or Class A.

They offer a wide selection of branded clothes such as Zara, Forever 21, Terranova, Banana Republic and etc. Here are some of the products that they offer:

These products really look fab! Don’t you think? :) Anyways, that’s not yet the best part! Aside from giving you a well-deserved look, they will also give you a very  friendly and fab prices. Clothing pieces shown above starts for 300 php (for tees) to 600 - 650 php for dresses. 

Here’s a little more about their shop:

This is definitely a turn-on for me. Online shops that have a very neat and detailed layout, providing you the basic things you have to know.

And before I forget, please check my blog on Sunday at 8 pm. The Overruns store hosted a brilliant giveaway for you guys! See you, alright? ;)

You can find The Overruns Store on Facebook. The Overruns Store can be contacted through their “Site tab” on Facebook and through Call/SMS to 0917 608 8470.

Logo and product photos are all from The Overruns Store. 

Shop Alert: The Wow Shop

We as an online shopper, must admit that we like browsing through online stores that can offer us a variety of products. We want to came across on a one-stop shop that got everything. From different fashion pieces such as fasyown shoes, statement bags, travel wallets, personalized/couple t-shirts and up to shoe organizers, personalized key chains, souvenirs and the like—name it! 

So, who else could make you say wow? Nothing more but The Wow Shop!

Behind the story of The Wow Shop is Ms. Lady Queen Reyes. They offer a lots of goods that has a high quality and yet a safety-patootie on your pocket.

Here are some of the products they offer:

JC inspired shoes, Wedges and High heels.

Personalized T-Shirts, Dresses, Bandeaus and Bikinis! Very perfect for summer. <3

From trendy to chic bags up to an ultimate rock style bag! :) Who wouldn’t love your unchanging style when you don’t actually lose up that ‘wow factor’ onto you? :D

And the last one (but definitely not the least) are the planners, mugs, pouches and personalized key chains. :)

I bet you guise already want to know more about The Wow Shop! So to see it for yourself, go and visit The Wow Shop to see more about their shop and product :)

Find them at the following:


Shop Alert: Quirkypedia

Quirkypedia shop welcomes us to a whole new world of the most stylish accessories where everything is up to date. Its no question why do a lot of people love their shop - they got exquisitely styled accessories and professionally taken photos to show their products.

About the owner:

Khai Nunag is a connoisseur of various forms of Art but her spotlight’s mostly lit on Fashion, Make-up, Creative Writing and Singing. She runs her living through designing for Quirkypedia and as a proprietress for Quaint Culture.

More about Quirkypedia:

The shop caters to all fashionable women who are ready to stand out and experiment with their quirky accessories. All products are hand-made with love too. Quirkypedia try to mix and match fabrics, chains, beads, feathers and colors in a quirky and trendy way.

Celebrities wears Quirkypedia:

Kapamilya stars wears Quirkypedia too! How cool is that? Celebrities namely Yeng Constantino, Julia Montes, Cristine Reyes and Alodia Gosiengfiao just added a little spice on their outfits wearing their accessories from Quirkypedia! :)

Favorite Products: These are my favorite pieces from Quirkypedia! You might love them too. :)

Newest Collection: Project Fashion!

View the whole collection about this here. :D

So now, what are you waiting for? Check out Quirkypedia shop now! Always remember, “Quirkypedia - Your Fashion Encyclopedia. Wear unique. Wear Quirkypedia!” ;)

(All photos are from Quirkypedia Shop)

Shop Alert: Shop Dainty

We all know that being dainty is very appealing to the eyes. It gives us a sugary sweet look that girly girls would really do love. <3 It is a fresh style that has just the right amount of playful and whimsical.

And so, Miss Erika Rodica put up a store that offers fun and dainty finds that has a sweet appeal to the market. Shop Dainty is an ultimate sweet shop that caters Bags, Shoes, Accessories and even Whitening Beauty Products.

More about Shop Dainty:

Shop Dainty (since May 2008) is an online boutique catering to the needs of fashion enthusiasts on a budget. It encourages women of all ages to be stylish and fabulous, without breaking the bank. Think of Shop Dainty as your personal shopper. The result will be a collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories carefully selected for you. We have everything from handpicked clothing items, designer-inspired shoes, and amazing beauty products at price points that are friendly on your pocket. (Source)

And now, allow me to show you my top picks from their shop! :D

So, what are you waiting for? Check Shop Dainty's store now! ;)

(All photos are from Shop Dainty)

Shop Alert: Needle Trade Shop

Girls, we have to admit that we make a big deal out of not looking good enough before we hit the roads up. We always want to dress up smart in a fashionable way. And so, I am here to present you a one shop that will surely satisfy up our consciousness upon dressing. The Needle Trade Shop :)

Needle Trade Shop surely knows how to get your daily fix of a head-to-toe outfit. From accessories, to trendy clothes and rock-able shoes… name it! And they have it.

More about N.T Shop:

We are inspired by the galaxy and its mysterious features. Each hand picked item is as unique as the stars. Elements and earthly pieces are mixed in order to create a different story in every outfit. We sell items such as dresses, shirts, tank tops, skirts, leggings, shorts, kimonos, pants, vests, jackets, cover-ups and shoes to create an enigmatic appeal that will surely captivate your fashion senses. All of these brand new or pre-loved pieces, trendy treasures, and vintage valuables are sold at an affordable price. (Source)

Allow me to showcase some of their products that may tickle your fancies :D

Acid Wash Top and Splatter Paint Leggings

Knit tops

Topshop cropped top

Skeletal Print Top

Bangle :)

And for the love of my life… I mean shoes! :D <3

Who wouldn’t love the Zipper heels for only 500 php, JC Foxy Replica for only 700 php and the Electric Blue Wedges for only 1,500 php? Great steal, isn’t it? :)

Anyways, they had recently uploaded their 4th collection, the “Tropical Winter”. Let the photos do the talking how awesome their shop is! :D

Floral Dress

Aztec Print Poncho Cardigan

Studded Turban

Sequin Beret

Lynka Heels from Soule Phenomenon or in my terms… Jeffrey Campbell Lita Inspired Boots :D

Please don’t forget to visit Needle Trade Shop today and check out their amazing items! :)

(All photos are from Needle Trade Shop) 

Shop Alert: The Skye Street

Many people says that "Good shoes takes you to good places". And I know that for us girls… We so much love shoes, yes? :) So, for today i’ll be featuring The Skye Street to tell us the story behind their shop and products.

A short history

The shop is quite new actually, It just started last August. The shop is owned by Sweet Barbon, and co-runned by Samantha Balasolla, both are 3rd year fine arts and design students, majoring in advertising in the University of Sto. Tomas. Although artistic in nature, I (Sweet) grew up in a business minded family, so business is kinda in my blood. the name ” Skye Street” is originally “The Sweet Street”, a candy shop I made up for one of my classes. So i crossed out my real name “Sweet” and instead replaced it with my nickname “Skye”. 

About the seller

The Skye street is owned and managed by Sweet Barbon, an 18 year old student, frustrated fashion designer, photographer, and make-up artist. I’m approachable and sociable. Some of my buyers think I’m a really friendly seller. I’m articulate and I’m very easy to talk to. I like to have that social touch in all of my buyers. :) I like to have that rapport with my customers, which is very important in getting the loyalty of customers.

Other Informations

We offer trendy and very affordable shoes. We also offer authentic nyx make up- they’re very safe and affordable. For now we have no promos yet, but we make sure loyal customers get the discount they deserve.

What’s good about the shop: Rhea speaks*

They’re shop is good on the way they manage/handle their customers. Sweet (the owner of The Skye Street) is very sociable and friendly as she said. And its proven! :) They acknowledge that both of them (the owners) are everyday customers, so as customers, they know how to treat they’re customers. Getting that certain level of rapport without losing professionalism :) Although, even she have school, they make sure to respond to their client’s need as soon as possible. They are also available through mobile for faster transactions.  :)

Shop Alert: Kudos Fashion Shop! :)

So, hello guise. *u* So for tonight, i’ll be promoting my shop here on Tumblr. Hee~ :3 I wish that you will have a time to visit my Online Shop on Facebook and here on Tumblr as well. I will going to sell accessories & clothes. They are on their very cheap prices! Most of the clothes I will be selling are brand new and some are pre-loved or once worn clothes. Please take time upon browsing. Thank you! :)

Kudos Fashion Shop is a shop owned by Rhea Nel Gulafo (me). My shop offers you a lot of personally unique picked pieces where almost everything are brand new and it is up-to-date. We also offer accessories (and we will offer pre-loved shoes too soon!) to prettify more your look.

Pink Flowery Crop Top: 150 php

Accessories: Everything 100 php


I started selling one month for now. I opened my online shop last July 25, 2011 at exactly 5:26 pm. I got fancy to open a mini-online-shop because I already have a lots of clothes (and I need some closet space!). Instead of donating them, I will going to make out a profit out of them. (Hahaha, I’m such a bad person.) But uhm, no. Of course, most of them are brand new so I won’t donate them. I will donate the ones I think the other people won’t like it (since they are not that worth it for example, 50 pesos. samwatlykdat) but still, they are still good clothes. :) /sorryzewronggrammar. And BTW, Some of my classmates too are asking if I will be selling some accessories! They saw my so-called ‘collection’ of accessories and some people got interested about it, so. There you go! :D

About the seller:

Well, I’m Rhea Nel. I’m a thirteen year old girl. I study at Siena College of San Jose. I am currently a third year high school. I’m inlove with the things I see mostly on Tumblr. I love accessories! I loved everything about fashion (but still, I’m not that choosy upon dressing thingo~)!

Other Informations:

As I’ve said… we are offering clothes & accessories ( plus shoes on the future :D). And since I am a newbie about this type of ‘business’ i’d like to have a somewhat promo every month. Like 50% less on shipping fee thingy, discounts on returning customers and the like. :)

Peace and Love Crop Top: 180 php

Paris Top (inner included): 180 php

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Kudos Fashion Shop now! We will upload some of the clothes tomorrow! :) 

PS. I am not yet uploading the three sample of clothes I will be selling above. And take note, I am so loving the Paris top! Hee :3 I find it cute! Don’t you think? :)

Shop Alert: Fab Finds Clothing


Fab Finds Clothing welcomes us to a whole new world of personally unique pick pieces where everything is up-to-date. They offer a wide range of clothes and bags as well and have their own sources of supplier. They have a personal touch of fashion sense on what they sell. And actually, there’s no distinguishable formula to the speedy success of their business but it must be the result of the natural chemistry among store owners Eyel Fajardo, Angeline Muriel and Kaycee Campos.

A short history:


We started May of this year. We were unemployed then. 2 of us are registered nurses, and the other is a pharmacy student. And since we have one thing in common, we decided to open up an online clothing shop. In which we knew we could handle since it is very convenient for both us owners, and our clients. And we knew how hard it os now today to look for affordable yet fashionable clothes in the comfort of your zone, whether you’re at home, school, or wherever you are. And on the other hand, we took advantage of our differences in terms of style. We named our shop Fab Finds Clothing because, literally they are fabulous finds at fabulous and fashionable prices.

About the seller:

Fab Finds Clothing is owned and being managed by medically inclined people (Eyel Fajardo and Kaycee Campos-Registered Nurses and Angeline Muriel a pharma student) who decides to peek into the world of online clothing business. Who, like any other girls in the world, loves shopping. :)  We incorporate our fab pieces in terms of our sense of style, what’s in season and of course classic pieces :) We define our collections as chic, fashionable, fabulous and of course, affordable. We want to make an impression that our clothing are wearable and everyone can afford it :) We’re on our first month now and we are glad that this early, we’re getting a lot of good feedbacks from our fab customers. 


Other Informations:

We offer tops, dresses and bags ranging from 100 to 300 :) And the steal? We do offer discounts for loyal and returning customers as our thank you to them :)


What’s good about the shop: Rhea speaks*

A good thing about Fab Finds Clothing,  is that the owners are very accommodating and they easily get touched with the people who ask for their product. They are active on answering questions and customers, like me, do like the way it is! :)
So there’s no wonder why Fab Finds Clothing gets many customers in just 1 month now. They give us a very whole reason to look up for their next collection and spend our well-earned money in a better and wiser way :)
For concerns regarding to orders or browsing some of their items, you can approach/see them here.

Got my 2/3 packages! :)

A very very cute bracelet from Quirkypedia! This cutesy patootie bracelet are made with 3 pieces of braided cloth on different color. For me, I feel that this accessory made me attractive because of the colors. /*coughs* Maybe, sometimes, it looks really simple but then when you mixed it up with more accessories & put up your clothes… Boom! Its very very cute. I love it so much! :D

/this is not me. Eh. Anyways, let’s go to this Zip-fringed necklace. I bought this at Claire Voix because I think it will make your outfit nice. When you are wearing simple clothes, or let’s say… anything plain! You can rock and prettify yourself with this accessory! Its perfect for a casual party, so I think I’ll going to use this almost all of the time. Hahaha! I’m a party girl, in a party world :P