Street Breaker

Yay! Finally, summer is coming on my our way! :-) Hihi~ I can now imagine myself doing a lots of experiment like DIYs, different styling and such. Anyhoo, speaking about different styling; its me again, bringing a weird phase of outfit today. Lol. I named this look Street Breaker for I know that I’ll get a lot of weird looks from different people whenever I wear this out.

Graffiti Mullet Dress - Thrifted | Sunglasses - Rayban inspired | Belt - Genevieve Gozum // Hype this look at lookbook(dot)nu! 

Told you guise! Haha :) Yup, I was wearing a knee-high red suede boots. They are originally from Asian Vogue Shop but I got this from Grysh Co. Go and check out her blog! :)

Notice the print of my dress? :D Its a playful graffiti one. :)

Leaving you guys with ze face. Hahaha! Kbye :)) Have a nice weekend! <3