Week pick: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Hi everyone. How’s your day going? I hope you’re having a good time as much as I am! :) Well, to give you a little update about the new things I try, buy and discover, here’s a new segment in my blog which I hope I can update regularly. Week Pick, from the word itself, is my weekly picks from food, gadget, fashion, blog, event and/or anything that tickles my fancy. 

My first pick? Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!

I’ve always been a fan of quirky and cozy places while enjoying delectable treat/s that will surely satisfy my sweet cravings. So if there’s one thing that I really really wanted to go anytime of the day, that would be cupcake stores. :) Vanilla Cupcake Bakery not just only offer cupcakes in paper cupcake holders but also in a jar! How cute, right? :) Also, add the fact that their cupcakes taste so nice! Aaah, this is something that I hope you won’t missed especially if you’re near to Katipunan! :)

TOP PICK/S: Oreo Cheesecake (P135)
WHERE TO FIND: U.P. Town Center (that’s where I’d go hahaha!)

More week picks on the upcoming Sundays!!! :) Hope you’d try it and let me know if you liked it as well. :)

<3, Rhea

Tumblr Fair 2 Experience


Tumblr Fair 2 was one of the shopping days slash blogger meet-ups and kwentuhan slash fun fun fun I was really looking forward for over months now. Finally, after months of waiting, the day has finally arrived!


Compared before, Tumblr Fair II carried more products when it comes to accessories and clothes especially bottoms. There was a booth that sells handmade wire/braided accessories, watches, sunnies, flower crowns (which can be found everywhere! haha), studded/ripped shorts, bikinis (from Own It!), Skater Skirts, Cropped Tops, Bustier Dresses and more.


This is one of the greatest things I’ve saw in the event. This is located at Kaymar Alekzis Bags booth, if I’m not mistaken. Recently, I’ve been constantly liking so much stuff regarding about drawings and paintings and knowing that I can never be creative like this sucks.


Flower crowns by Own It! / the twins, Debbie and Demmie. I must say that these girls were really friendly and energetic! When we went to the fair, everyone seems to be in their lowest energy - all are really tired and exhausted. Well, you can’t really blame them because the heat that time was sooo insane!


The twins noticed my outfit and they said that the Red Rose flower crown looks good with my outfit that day. They let me try it for a while and allowed me to take photos. Now, I’m using it for some blogging purposes. Haha!



IDK if this picture makes sense and all… But, can you see that beautiful flower crown? I told you, flower crowns are everywhere!!! <3


Since I consider myself as more of the girly side (even my outfit that day doesn’t seem to be like that way), I bought this pastel pink/cream flower crown! They are just sooo adorable and too cute for words! 


Pam: “Parang pinagpapawisan si Karylle!" After 15-20 minutes (I guess), Pam and I went downstairs to buy fruit shakes because it was really exhausting! Next was we headed to Big Better Burgers to  try their burgers since we had to do nothing more aside from food-escapade trip!



My order was this Bacon Burger thingy. (170 php) It has a big burger patty that has few bacon strips inside plus Barbecue (or Teriyaki?) sauce. It also has a white onion at the middle. Rating: 2/5


Pam’s order was Mushroom Buger thingy. Well definitely it has mushrooms inside, lettuce and big burger patty as well. (210 php? not sure) I’ve tried it and I must say that this was better than the Bacon burger. Although, I haven’t liked any of these burgers that much compared to other burger goodies. Rating: 2.5/5

Overall, the Tumblr Fair II was a success (again)! I can say that Tumblr Fair II was better than the first ones but I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed the Tumblr Fair I than the Tumblr Fair II. :)

Hoping for the Tumblr Fair III soon!

<3, Rhea

DIY: Create your own mix of Pizza

Aside from fashion blogging, I also really really love blogging about my latest DIY and Food-scapades. Well, who doesn’t love DIY and Food right? DIYs really make your lives easy as 1-2-3 and Food easily makes your face and tummy happy! :)

For my second DIY 2013 (or DIY 2013 Summer Edition lol), I decided to create my own mix of Pizza! :)


Well to tell you honestly, I’m not actually the type of a girl who loves pizza so so much and I don’t eat or crave for pizzas most of the time. But for this time, I craved for a pizza (first time ko yata haha!) so I decided to make for my own + my fam of course. By making your own pizza, you can get a huuuuge discount because the ingredients you’ll be using are handpicked by yours so they might be real cheap comparing to ready-made pizzas. You just need a little constant effort, of course, when you’re going to do something like this too!

For my pizza, I decided to make 3 flavors. One is Ham and Cheese Pizza (sweet-flavoured), Second is a Hotdog Pizza (literally hotdog pizza) and the third slash my favorite of them all is my own version of pizza: Spicy Tuna Pizza.

For the Spicy Tuna Pizza, you need the following:

  • Loaf Bread (instead of Pizza crust I used bread hehe)
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Pineapple Tidbits
  • Spicy Corned Tuna
  • Cheese




1.) Slice the bread into half


2.) Prepare the other stuffs needed! (Pre-heat the Tuna, drain the Pineapple Juice thingy, grate the cheese)


3.) Toast the bread for 2 minutes before placing the pizza sauce and the toppings


4.) Add all the needed ingredients to the bread and put it inside the oven!! :)


And taaadda! Its a pizza party time! :) Well, if you’re wondering how many pizzas I made, you can go back to the first photo for the possible amount of pizzas you can make too. :)

I hope you like this post as much as I do! :) If you have comments, questions or anything in between, don’t forget to leave them via Disqus Box below. Thank you! :)

Food-diction: Yoshinoya

Christel (the girl who serves to be my sister in crime) and I tried “Yoshinoya” Restaurant that caters Japanese Cuisine at the Mall of Asia last October 21, 2012.

Since we are not yet sure on how do they tastes like, we had to minimize our orders for us not to regret something. So as you can see, we bought California Maki, 1 Cup of Rice, Chocolate Mousse (my favorite dessert, EVER) and the Combo Plate wherein there’s a Beef, Tempura, Rice and Salad. 

And yup, we shared for all the food we ordered! The Tempura tastes good but the Beef tastes good way better. It reminds me of Bacon! (Oh, favorite too!) The Salad was good too! IDK but their salad makes me remind of Kenny Rogers’ Roasters’ Coleslaw. Heehee~

The first time I tried California Maki was really a no no! So I was kinda in doubt when I’m about to try it once more. But since Christel told me that it was good,  (and I trust her!) I already tried it and yeah… I liked it! :)

Here’s a photo of my cousin which shows how she enjoyed the California Maki! It was actually her idea to try it again once more! :)

And to end this post, here’s a pic. of mine before we started to eat. Haha! :3

Saturdate (09/15/2012)

Had a Saturday date with my forever buddy, Christel! We bought some food at Supermarket, Bought Cake at Red Ribbon (its my father’s birthday today! :3) before going home and ate at BonChon before going to pick-up something. We also had a photo op at Perfect Click Studio :)

Christel: “I love this new galaxy leggings my cousin, Rhea, got from Romwe! Paired it with my trusty blazer and fitted gray sando from Jellybean. :)

Rhea: “I love how this skirt matches perfectly with my cropped top and newly purchased high-cut rubber shoes w/ platform! I was able to achieve my peg, “rocker chic” today! :)

Aaand hey, did you noticed my newly chopped hair? :) I guess you do! My friends told me that I looked younger wherein I totally agreed. I look like a 12-year old kid. Harhar!

Very unusual side of me! I still can’t believe that I was able to pull off my “rocker chic” peg for today. Thanks to this pair of “rocker” high-cut rubber shoes. :)

Chicken Bulgogi Rice for Christel and Beef Bulgogi Rice for me. Yum! :3

Happy Eaters~

And yup, we bought cake for my Papa. :)

One and only OOTD photo. I look so haggard, yes? :))

Cropped Top from Bizaare | Skirt from Charlene Ajose / Tumblr Fair ‘12 | LOVE Connector Ring from Zulit | High-cut glitzy rubber shoes w/ platform from Cam’s 

And to end this post, here’s the result of our photo op at Perfect Click Studio. The first one is our wacky pose wherein Christel got that Oppa Gangnam Style pose while I’m doing the Filipino Wacky Pose. The second one, obviously, is the ‘formal’ picture of the two of us. :)

Have comments, opinions or anything in between? Don’t forget to drop some using the Disqus Box below at the end of this post. ;)

Sweet treats! ♥ I got the chance to taste the Choco Truffles Moshi Ice Cream from Sophie’s Mom last Supersale Bazaar. The next thing I’d love to taste is this Red Velvet Cookies and Choco Cupcake. :)

July 19, 2012 :)

We had our exam that day so our dismissal at school was early. That day was the exact date of my birthday too so I decided to go to my favorite thrift shop to accompany my classmate and to see if there was new and good items. After that, we went to Max’s Restaurant at SM Fairview to have a lunch. I treated my classmate, my cousin and my new friend slash a schoolmate! Haha :)

PS. Don’t you just love surprises? Guess what I’ve received that day! :) 

My Fifteenth Birthday

Last week, my friends and I went to SM Fairview. I treated them at Sbarro for the celebration of my fifteenth birthday. :) JSYK, I celebrated my birthday last year at the mall with my friends too and I’m kinda used to it. I mean, I’m used to celebrate my birthday with my friends rather than with my relatives at home. So, instead of having a kainan at home or even a party slash night-out with them, I’d better choose to hang up with them at ze mall. :)

Anyhoo, thank you for all those who greeted me last week! :) I would also like to say thank you to all of the readers for the continuous support I am receiving to my blog even though I am not that much updating this compared before. I love every single of you, guise. <3 You always make me smile especially when someone liked my post. :”) It makes me kilig every time when someone notices my blog post. Thanks again to all of you!! :D

Hmm, yummyyyy♥ I have an ultimate love for chocs. even its quite not too good for me. Anyhoo, start your day bright, lovelies. Happy Easter to all of us! xx

Hmm, yummyyyy♥ I have an ultimate love for chocs. even its quite not too good for me. Anyhoo, start your day bright, lovelies. Happy Easter to all of us! xx

Guess who’s having a food trip right now. Well yes, its definitely me! I’m currently with my Tito Jo and my cousin Christel. Were all eating and sharing for the big pack of Lays and Nova. And for the drinks? I got Sola, a freshly-brewed and one of a kind Iced Tea. Must try this! Swearrr you guys! :33 :)

Anyhoo, sorry for not updating for the past few days. Its just that I got busy enough with the school stuffs and alike. And, for the temporary report card! They will be released this Sunday at 1 pm. and exams will start this Monday :)