DIY: Create your own mix of Pizza

Aside from fashion blogging, I also really really love blogging about my latest DIY and Food-scapades. Well, who doesn’t love DIY and Food right? DIYs really make your lives easy as 1-2-3 and Food easily makes your face and tummy happy! :)

For my second DIY 2013 (or DIY 2013 Summer Edition lol), I decided to create my own mix of Pizza! :)


Well to tell you honestly, I’m not actually the type of a girl who loves pizza so so much and I don’t eat or crave for pizzas most of the time. But for this time, I craved for a pizza (first time ko yata haha!) so I decided to make for my own + my fam of course. By making your own pizza, you can get a huuuuge discount because the ingredients you’ll be using are handpicked by yours so they might be real cheap comparing to ready-made pizzas. You just need a little constant effort, of course, when you’re going to do something like this too!

For my pizza, I decided to make 3 flavors. One is Ham and Cheese Pizza (sweet-flavoured), Second is a Hotdog Pizza (literally hotdog pizza) and the third slash my favorite of them all is my own version of pizza: Spicy Tuna Pizza.

For the Spicy Tuna Pizza, you need the following:

  • Loaf Bread (instead of Pizza crust I used bread hehe)
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Pineapple Tidbits
  • Spicy Corned Tuna
  • Cheese




1.) Slice the bread into half


2.) Prepare the other stuffs needed! (Pre-heat the Tuna, drain the Pineapple Juice thingy, grate the cheese)


3.) Toast the bread for 2 minutes before placing the pizza sauce and the toppings


4.) Add all the needed ingredients to the bread and put it inside the oven!! :)


And taaadda! Its a pizza party time! :) Well, if you’re wondering how many pizzas I made, you can go back to the first photo for the possible amount of pizzas you can make too. :)

I hope you like this post as much as I do! :) If you have comments, questions or anything in between, don’t forget to leave them via Disqus Box below. Thank you! :)

DIY: On finding the perfect Shorts

It’s officially summer! Since my favorite season is back, my favorite productive summer days are back too! It’s a DIY season once more. Yay! :)

For my first DIY 2013, I decided to turn my old pants to a bleached and studded shorts perfect for a sunny summer.

Materials needed:

  • Old Pants
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Studs
  • Bleach


  • Get the pants and measure the desired length you like for your shorts. Using the ruler, measure it and write a straight line for the cutting pattern. Get the scissors. Cut and follow the line you created.

(I’ve never been a fan of super short shorts that’s why I am always having the hard time to buy one. I regularly buy pedal then fold them into my desired length just to have a so-called shorts or DIY them. :D)

Here’s the outcome when I cut my shorts. Well actually, I wasn’t able to cut them straight but its okay because I will fold again the ends of it. Its one of the best thing I like when wearing shorts. Sorry if its weird. Haha! :)

  • Get the bleach and the cut-off pants. Test if the fabric of the pants is perfect for a bleached shorts effect. If the fabric turns out white, then its much better. Some of dark-colored pants do not turn out pretty good and the color results into yellow-brown or sort of a rust-colored thing.

  • Since the turn-out was good, you can now bleach the shors. For the cut-off pants I tested earlier, I decided to cut them and using the pencil, I traced the shape of the back pocket of the pants to attach them into my other pants next to DIY. :-)

  • Next thing to do is to get the studs and place them where ever you want. For my shorts, I placed them in front right pocket.

When placing the studs, (since I placed them in the pocket area), it should look like this (inward fold) to lessen the scrape finger/hand that may happen once you get your money inside your pocket. :)) I’m sure you won’t like a scraped hand/finger. :)

And here’s the final product! I hope you all liked my DIY for this month. I’m looking forward to DIY every month of my summer or make anything productive. Haha! Thank you for reading this post. :-)

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DIY: Dip-Dyed Ombre Sneakers

Dip-dyed tops and shorts are almost everywhere! Because of that, I got inspired to make another DIY Project a month ago. I actually DIY-ed three things and they are as follows: 1.) Ombre Fringe Necklace 2.) Ombre Shirt (same color with my sneakers!) 3.) Ombre Sneakers. But for this post, we will be more focusing about how did I worked with my old pair of white sneakers! :) 

I got this sneakers last year wherein our school required us to wear white-colored rubber shoes. But then after I bought it, my teacher told me that I should not wear it on our school for the upcoming school year because it was not totally plain. It has a “brand tag” actually at the back plus it have a few blue stitched lines as a somewhat design. Anyhoo, this sneakers are obviously a canvas type that’s why the dye solution was able to have an effect on the said shoes. :)


What you’ll need:

  • Old pair of shoes (preferably canvas type)
  • Salt
  • Hot Water
  • Plastic Basin
  • Dye Powder/s


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Peeking Sunshine (+DIY)

I’m so glad that Mr. Sun starts to shine up again! I wish this will continue for the following days. #BangonPilipinas Anyhoo, I made a self-shoot a while ago because I can see to it that Mr. Sun is already peeking in our area. Our classes have been suspended for three days straight making this week unproductive and nothing to do with. And oh, I also missed taking outfit shots! I’m so bored so this is what I’ve did earlier. :)

3 Rhea’s in a row! Haha :) 

Are you feeling happy like me because of Mr. Sun? Well if you do, I guess you have to be a little bit hipster-ish today! Combine and wear pieces that goes in a one particular family color and combine them with accessories and shoes that have a present color on what top or shorts you’re wearing. :) Don’t also forget to wear your newest favorite pair of sneakers! Lookie! ;)

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Thinking if I should DIY this short or not… Should I?

DIY: Fringe Shirt V.2

Just another T-shirt I DIYed turning into a fringe one. This summer heat is really crazy! I’ve been wanting to wear this for so long for a perfect weather. Aaah, sunny Bulacan ☼… you always make me feel to drench myself in ice-cold water.

So this is kinda a tank + cropped  + fringe + left cut-out shoulder sleeves top. /okaythatwaslong If you’d like to make one for yourself, I guess you can follow the instructions said here. Although I haven’t watch this yet when I was working with this top. This is actually just a random DIY I created last year. Haha! As far as I remember, I revised this shirt around September/October so I wasn’t able to wear them. Rainy season, guise. =)) So yeah, I hope you liked it! :)

{ Other fringe shirt: x | Have comments, suggestion or anything in mind? Don’t hesitate to leave comments via Disqus Box. :) }

Season of studs!

Do you still remember this cropped top I posted 5 months ago? Well, I think some of you still remember it but someone don’t. (or maybe some of you guise are just a newbie follower slash reader of this blog! Haha!) Anyways, you can read this blog post I posted way back last year for more information about the cropped top that I’m saying. 

Moving on, I prepared a DIY tutorial entitled “Season of studs”. Its all for you guise. Haha :) (Yyaayyy!) And obviously, it is turning your plain cropped top to a studded one. :)

Materials Needed

  1. Plain cropped top or any plain top that you can use (if you’ll be making one too!).
  2. Studs in any of your desired shape. (I choose the circle ones and the pyramid shaped ones will be used on my next DIY! Watch out.)
  3. Scissors or anything that you can use to fold the pointed thing on the studs you’ll be using. They are really hard to push with your nails/fingers! (first timer here.) Please be extra careful upon using, okay? :)


  • Get your top and place the studs on it. (Oops, don’t push them yet!) You’re going to place the studs onto your top to estimate how many studs you’ll be using. And/Or/Also, for you to know the enough spacing / pattern of the studs on your top. :)
  • Now, take a picture of the top so that you can remember its pattern! (optional tho. lol this is what I did :>)

  • Now remove all of the studs and start pushing one by one. Using the scissors, fold the pointed thingy on ze studs! :>

Aaand, viola! Your boring cropped top is now a bonggang bonggang studded top! Haha!

Have some opinions, suggestions or comments? Please reply with this post using the Disqus Box if you have any! Good luck!! :D

Beside from Fashion and Photography, Potato Fries! <3

Beside from fashion and photography, there’s still a thing I mostly love of. Do you wonder what is it? It’s none other than food. As they say, to cope up with life, you basically need food. And oh, who could resist eating potatoes, right? Many people nowadays buy chips w/ a cheese flavored potatoes, spicy barbecue or anything that may tickle your fancies. Those good example of potato chips are Piattos, V-Cut, Pic-A and the ~*high class*~ thingamajigs potato chips are of those chips that highly goes for 100 php above. Those are the original/plain/flavored Lays, Pringles, Gourmet Picks (lol, that’s my favorite! Sea salt flavor :P)and etc.

Anyway, that’s just an introduction of the special DIY I prepared for you guise today. So this time, we’ll going to be more productive not just related to fashyown stuffs but as well as to a very nutritious food indeed. Haha! Yay! :)

Potato Fries: A DIY Special

What you’ll need:

• 1 medium sized potato

• 2-3 tbsp. of Butter (I’d prefer you to use the “lite” one. Low-fat thingy :D)

• Pinch of salt

• Water

• Cooking Oil (optional)

• Cooking Equipments and other related stuffs such as: Gas stove, Knife, Chopping Board, Cooking Pan (non-stick is highly preferred) and Peeler.

Steps to follow / Procedures:

1. Rinse the potato with water very well. Make sure that the skin thing of the potato is clean enough so that it won’t get too messy to clean the cooking area, chopping area etc. afterwards.

2. Peel off the skin of the potato using the peeler then rinse it again once you have finished the task.

3. Chop the potato (using the chopping board and knife, of course.) into equally divided sides. Its upon to you if you’ll make it thick or thin but I prefer thick ones (like as the thick of a regular sized French fries :D). After chopping them into equal sides, chop them again vertically to form strips.

4. Prepare the gas stove and the Pan. Now do the usual thing you had to do. Set the gas stove in to a low fire. Before starting to fry, make sure that the pan is hot enough. After that, if it’s ready now, you can now move on to next step!

***Cooking time! Hihi :3***

5. Place the butter to the hot pan and wait for it to melt. Do not put the all prepared butter! You just need around 1 tbsp. first and just follow-up the other 2 remaining later.

6. Place now the potatoes together with the melted butter at the pan. Please always check the fire if it is in the low fire (not really the lowest; just enough “low fire”). This is an important step so please give enough attention or else you’ll get sunog fries. Wait for some minutes and notice if there’s still enough butter. Of course, add some if you think you need more.

7. (Optional) Add a little amount of cooking oil if you’re not contented yet with the result. If you think that the potato doesn’t really get fried at all or what.

8. Add salt! It’s upon to you how salty you would like it to be.

9. Check the potatoes if they’re cooked already. A cooked potato would look like a golden one and if it is kind of soft already.

10. Clean the whole area, wash the utensils etc. and enjoy eating! :) Then viola! :)


(I paired this w/ fried chicken, BTW. Haha! That’s my merienda :p)

This special DIY is actually just an on-the-spot DIY (and this is my first time to cook potato fries!) so I guess you still need to consult your very own recipe books at home, try Google or by asking your mom or anyone who can help you around by cooking this thing. Hope that this DIY helped you to eat not just the regular potato flavored chips but to eat as well the nutritious and the more suggested food by nutritionist or dieticians or even me. Haha! Good luck! :D

Have some opinions, suggestions or comments? Please reply with this post using the Disqus Box if you have any! I’ll try to cook more of this next time. :) Happy eating!

DIY: Turn your old flats to glitter shoes!

I’ve been recently craving for a new shoes to rock an outfit with. And since it’s summer (and I have no enough moolah to buy a new pair of shoes), I’ve decided to make another Do-It-Yourself project which is turning your old flat to glitter shoes. Hmmkay, too much redundancy right? Lol. Anyways, this DIY is just easy as 1-2-3 so I think you don’t really need too much time and effort, just enough. Mehehe~ So, let’s now move on to the materials needed, procedures and the like. Hihi :3

Materials Needed:

  1. Old pair of shoes (its upon to you if you like wedge, flats, sandals, etc. I choose my old pair of black flats. I prefer you to choose plain colors. :D) 
  2. All-purpose Glue (I use Stickee, a cheaper glue than Elmer’s. That goes with 28 php)
  3. Paint brush (?) or anything brush that you can use to spread the glue on your shoes. (I got mine at National Book Store for 22 php!)
  4. aaand Glitters! Any color will do. :D


  • Get your old pair of shoes, glue and paint brush. Dip the paint brush to the bottle of the glue. (It may be sound funny but that’s exactly the thing I did. Haha!) Now, spread the glue to your shoes using your paint brush (of course).

  • Fill the whole front, side and back view area of your shoes with glue. Get the glitters and pour them over to the area with glue.

  • Secure the glitters if they really sticked to the shoes. If not, re-apply the glue and glitters to fill the shoes with glitters. :)

And, tadaaaah! :) Here’s the result! Just do the same thing to the other shoe. The picture of the finish product is the 1st picture. Lol :)) I use them on a “photoshoot” today, so… :)

That’s it! ;) Hope you had enjoy the new DIY. Hihi :D

DIY: Summery Shorts

Uhm, so yeah. Since I don’t have much things to do this summer, expect the things like this. Such DIYs, Hauls (like the thing here), more outfit posts and the like. Hihi~ *u*

Anyways, here are the materials I used for this DIY:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Crocheted Flowers (or any designs that you want) // optional
  • Old Pants

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut your old pants on to your desired length.
  2. (i) Fold the last part of the denim fabrics (this will be the style of it) or (ii) get a lighter and a candle and pass it quickly through the flame so that the fabric won’t get fray.
  3. If you followed Step 2 (i), sew some part of the shorts or simply the ‘ends’ of the shorts so that the style won’t ruin after you wash it. While if you followed Step 2 (ii), you can now proceed to the next optional step.
  4. Optional Step: Buy some crocheted flowers (like the patch-y type) and sew them onto your shorts. :D

And that’s it! You can now enjoy the summer with your new shorts! :D <3 I know that this is already a popular DIY tho. Buuuut, I think this one differs because of the style and the design. Lol.

PS. I didn’t sew the crocheted flowers on my own. I let someone to make it for me for I don’t really have the skills. Haha!