Wishlist Update: Assorted things from Chicify <3

Hi guys! So for today, i’ll be updating my wishlist :) So, my wishlist today is all about assorted things I like from Chicify (obviously, haha :D).

So, yeah. I got soooo many wishes for today. Hahaha. I’m such a dreamer :)) Lol. Uhm, so there. I want a Maxi Dress w/ Tribal Prints, a Cut-out short/s, Bright-colored belt, Statement necklace, Flat Shoes, Lattice Ring and Octagon Ring :D I don’t know if I can buy or afford them all or either buy atleast one of them but I’ll assure you, one of these days… I’ll buy belt/s, flat shoes, shorts, etc. *wink wink* *grin here* 

Anyhoo, have I told you na I won 2 times already at Chicify? Yeah, I got Chicified na (twice to be exact :D)! The first thing that I got from Chicify is a clutch. Feres Clutch, to be specific. And uhm, my super duper loved Pink Satchel and Mini Dress. <3 :) Hihihi :3 Click on the links to see the photos! I’m sure you’ll love them too. Hee~

BTW, I am not promoting Chicify or what but… I assure you that Chicify.com is sooo great! Whatever you’ll see on their catalog, is what you get. You’ll get the exact item—I mean.. exact color, exact design, exact everything. Not unlike some other online shops :( Because some other online shops still adjust the brightness or what. You’ll somewhat have a great expectation about it. (Just being true! Base on my experience. Somewhat like that. :D) Anyways, its just a piececake of advice(?) Hmmkay? Be sure not to expect if the photo was sooo awesome. Because after they had delivered/shipped it out to you, you can never return the item that you bought. ( Of course, its awkward. Hahaha :P =)) )