Tumblr Fair 2 Experience


Tumblr Fair 2 was one of the shopping days slash blogger meet-ups and kwentuhan slash fun fun fun I was really looking forward for over months now. Finally, after months of waiting, the day has finally arrived!


Compared before, Tumblr Fair II carried more products when it comes to accessories and clothes especially bottoms. There was a booth that sells handmade wire/braided accessories, watches, sunnies, flower crowns (which can be found everywhere! haha), studded/ripped shorts, bikinis (from Own It!), Skater Skirts, Cropped Tops, Bustier Dresses and more.


This is one of the greatest things I’ve saw in the event. This is located at Kaymar Alekzis Bags booth, if I’m not mistaken. Recently, I’ve been constantly liking so much stuff regarding about drawings and paintings and knowing that I can never be creative like this sucks.


Flower crowns by Own It! / the twins, Debbie and Demmie. I must say that these girls were really friendly and energetic! When we went to the fair, everyone seems to be in their lowest energy - all are really tired and exhausted. Well, you can’t really blame them because the heat that time was sooo insane!


The twins noticed my outfit and they said that the Red Rose flower crown looks good with my outfit that day. They let me try it for a while and allowed me to take photos. Now, I’m using it for some blogging purposes. Haha!



IDK if this picture makes sense and all… But, can you see that beautiful flower crown? I told you, flower crowns are everywhere!!! <3


Since I consider myself as more of the girly side (even my outfit that day doesn’t seem to be like that way), I bought this pastel pink/cream flower crown! They are just sooo adorable and too cute for words! 


Pam: “Parang pinagpapawisan si Karylle!" After 15-20 minutes (I guess), Pam and I went downstairs to buy fruit shakes because it was really exhausting! Next was we headed to Big Better Burgers to  try their burgers since we had to do nothing more aside from food-escapade trip!



My order was this Bacon Burger thingy. (170 php) It has a big burger patty that has few bacon strips inside plus Barbecue (or Teriyaki?) sauce. It also has a white onion at the middle. Rating: 2/5


Pam’s order was Mushroom Buger thingy. Well definitely it has mushrooms inside, lettuce and big burger patty as well. (210 php? not sure) I’ve tried it and I must say that this was better than the Bacon burger. Although, I haven’t liked any of these burgers that much compared to other burger goodies. Rating: 2.5/5

Overall, the Tumblr Fair II was a success (again)! I can say that Tumblr Fair II was better than the first ones but I can’t deny the fact that I enjoyed the Tumblr Fair I than the Tumblr Fair II. :)

Hoping for the Tumblr Fair III soon!

<3, Rhea

Supersale Bazaar Haul

This are the items that I’ve bought from the Supersale Bazaar! I hope you like them as much as I do! :D

Cute dress with a heart-shaped cut-out at the back from Urban Hour, NYX Eyebrow/Eyeliner (brown) from Digital Traincase

Dip-dye/Studded Shorts from a blogger (I forgot what’s the name of her shop/booth), Cute Lipsticks from Maris Unique Pieces and Liquid Eyeliner from the booth beside Maris’.

Cropped Tops from a blogger

Cross Print Top from Forever 21 (bought this at Megamall when I was about to go home), 2 Cute headbands from a blogger, Bracelets from Magic Hands (available only at the bazaar), Maris Unique Pieces Girl Scout Kit (FREE!)

On an unrelated note, I would just like to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to everyone who voted for my entry for the UNIQSTYLE Challenge! :)

Thank you so much for reading this post! Drop some comments if you have any via TA. :)

Supersale Bazaar (Part II)

Together with Christel, we searched for heel-less shoes to try out! My feet are bigger than hers too so it was kinda hard for us to look for something that will fit to me. Good thing we went to Asian Vogue’s booth and I was lucky to spot a pair wherein it matches with the size of my feet. Harhar! 

Yay for heel-less!!! :3 Its actually the reason why why we went there. Its to personally see (and fit haha) heel-less shoes. 

Here’s Christel! :) Check her blog here :D Were about to leave the place already that time so were trying to have a picture inside the WTC! Its a somewhat remembrance for being there at the Supersale Bazaar. Haha! 

While here’s my picture! :3 After taking this picture, we already leave the place and we headed to MOA! I’ll talk about that on my next post! :D

PS. We’re going to Eton Centris, QC this coming Saturday/Sunday for the Bazaar of all Seasons. I hope you’ll come too so that we would see each other. Tell me if you’re coming. I’d love to see you! <3

Supersale Bazaar (Part I)

As I expected, the Supersale Bazaar was a blast! It always make me feel thrilled and the word “WOW" stayed up up until the final minute. It surprises me every time I used to see personally the good pair of shoes, pretty set of clothes, lovely accessories and charms, fabulous bags and make-ups. I know that most of you are excited to see pictures, pictures and more pictures! So without further ado, here they are!! :D

Heel-less shoes, Neon Colored Ones, Pastels and Spiked/Studded! Do I need more?

Make-ups! I actually got a story about this picture. There’s a booth beside this make-up store and I was about to buy the “pixelated” style shades and the other one that is similar to HP (Harry Potter)’s but then I saw the trays of Lipsticks beside me. Due to my excitement, I leaved my cousin there (who was currently trying out the glasses that time) while I enjoyed my stay for the booth beside me, searching for a perfect pink shade of lipstick and looking for the heavenly good make-ups displayed at the booth! :D

Aztec Satchel Bags and Hand-painted shoes! They are too awesome for words! <3

Spikes, studs and everything nice! Too pretty! <3

Maris Unique Pieces’ booth! My cousin bought 2 lipsticks (?) priced at 25 php each at Maris! I got too much fascinated that time too so I wasn’t able to buy the Iphone Frame I was eyeing for days in their Facebook Page. I guess I have to get them really really soon!

And to finally end this post, here’s a photo of myself to the Gold Couture’s mirror! Ooh, how vain right? :)

I wish you can read the continuation (Part II) of my post soon! Our Sembreak is nearly approaching. Hihi :3 Yayy! :D

Do you have comments, opinions or anything in between? Please leave some via Disqus if you have one. They are highly appreciated. Thank you! :) 

Tumblr Fair Haul (080412)

Scored these items from few bloggers! Hihi :3 Spell early bird and lucky?! :)

PS. This is not the whole yet! Please Click Read More to see all of the items I’ve bought that day! :3 :)

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Tumblr Fair 2 / UP-D (080412)

Here’s the continuation of my Tumblr Fair Post! (Click to see part 1)

This photo is from Charlene Ajose. :) Her sister, Chelsea was the one who took this photo. I love this photo because it came from my favorite blogger! Haha :) Aaand, it shows the perfect color of our lippies that day. Thanks to Ana Victorino's booth for letting us to use her brushes + the tester lipsticks from NYX. :)

Afterwards, we went back to Philcoa and finally went to UP Diliman to take UPCAT! Christel and Pam accompanied me that day up to the testing center. Sweet, right? :) Hihi :3 Anyhoo, here’s their photos below. :))

Yay! This is the 2/3 of my Tumblr Fair post. The next ones I will be posting are the things that I bought at the fair + a picture that I might get pa to a blogger. Anyhoo, all photos except from the first one are all from Pam. Check her blog guise! As well as my cousin’s blog, Christel. Thankies! xx

Tumblr Fair (080412)!

I’ve never been to any events like this (like meeting (fasyown) bloggers) so imagine my surprise when I realized that I can go to the Tumblr Fair happened yesterday! Despite of the location, state of the weather and the UPCAT that time, I still decided to went there because I really love to see my fellow bloggers. Hihi :3 I’ve been to Supersale Bazaar once but then I was kinda new yet upon blogging that time and I only know few bloggers such as Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, Nikki Sunga and many more. I was too shy that time so I don’t have pictures with those bloggers stated. Haha :)

Anyhoo, to finally start this post, here’s the few pictures I have with me that day.

Here’s Jessa Ang when she was writing her URL on the wall! She’s super kind and pretty :)

While here’s my picture when I was writing my URL! Hahaha :) I don’t know what to put so I decided to put my blog’s title and my URL below it. :)

My ugly handwriting :( My URL is near to Dianne's! :D

The Super Girl, Jessa Ang! :) She looks really young. ;__; Could you believe that she’s 20 y/o? 

Dianne Dequina! :) She’s really cute, nice and approachable! :3 Even my friend and cousin told me that. And I totally agreed! Haha. :D I hope to see her again (and the whole Tumblr Fair team, of course) next time! <3

w/ Chelsea Ajose (thatcertaincharlene's sister). :) She's so tall & nice! And her voice!!!Her voice is very mahinhin. Hihi :3 I also saw Tommy with her! Tommy is cute. Haha :> (don’t have a photo tho)

w/ the gorgeous lady Krisha Payong! Me, My friend & my cousin said “Ang ganda niyaaa!” after taking this photo. She’s kind and nice too!

Here’s the 2 beautiful person I’m with that day! Pham (left) and Aibie (right). :) Thank you so much for joining with me, guys! (Woohoo, if you’re reading this) :D Hihi :3

After heading to San Juan Gym, we went first to the nearest food stall around the area. So, we ate first at Jollibee for us not to starve later, especially me, who’ll be taking UPCAT that time. Haha!

Next post about the Tumblr Fair will be more pictures and my cousin and friend’s pictures! Haha :) Sorry for the low quality of the pictures too :( I just grabbed them on Facebook and we all know that Facebook ruins the quality of photos. Hope that you all understand! :-) Thank you so much for reading and have a great night ahead! x

I&#8217;ve met a lot of bloggers yesterday because of the Tumblr Fair! I hope there would be Tumblr Fair 2 so that I can manage to go back in not-so early time. Haha! I was there at 8 a.m - 10 a.m so I wasn&#8217;t able to get to see all of the bloggers. Anyhoo, spot my URL on the huge board above! :)PS. That&#8217;s not the whole board yet! :&gt; 
Photo from Tumblr Fair

I’ve met a lot of bloggers yesterday because of the Tumblr Fair! I hope there would be Tumblr Fair 2 so that I can manage to go back in not-so early time. Haha! I was there at 8 a.m - 10 a.m so I wasn’t able to get to see all of the bloggers. Anyhoo, spot my URL on the huge board above! :)

PS. That’s not the whole board yet! :> 

Photo from Tumblr Fair

Suki Day Bazaar: Celebrating 65 Years of Success Together! <3

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So if you can still remember my post about the Blue Wave… well, here’s the promised up next post—the much awaited and my first ever experience to a bazaar :)

So as you can see on the photo above, the Suki Day Bazaar had a pocketful of surprises. From the big tarpaulins (like the greetings of Caltex), the super prepared stage, the bonggels MC's, the dance presentation and the Dragon thingy—they are all great and presented well to us!

Cool ID Passes! Don’t you think? Lol. I don’t actually know if the term is correct or what. But, lets just call them ID Passes. Hmmkay? Hihi :33 So as for the usual ID stuff we got on school, they also have this uniformed format of ID passes and ID laces. I got mine green while my mom got a red one. Also, there’s a somewhat ‘gun-like-structure-that-reads-bar-codes-’ on the said event. I actually find them cool… Like the other saleslady/ies used on malls. And from there, we finally entered the bazaar! Yaaaay. :) 

Hello, balloon! This is the first thing that greeted me to the bazaar (aside from booths and the people there, of course!). So its pretty obvious that the balloons there was sponsored or given by the Coca-Cola Company to Suy Sing. And to tell you, there was also a bunch and bunch and bunch of plastic bags filled with those balloons. Hohoho. 

First 3 booths: Champion Booth, Ajinomoto Booth and the Silka soaps booth. Anyhoo, before i’ll make kwento about the booths up there, I just wanted you to know that before we entered the bazaar, the girl who entertained us upon getting our ID Passes had gave us a little piece of advice. She told me (I mean, us) that we should visit all the booths out there and present the little card she gave to my mom and let the booth facilitator stamp on it. She also told us that if we really want to enjoy the bazaar, we should play games (to win exciting prizes!) and have some photo on the photo booths surrounding the area. Also, she gave us a Suy Sing Tote bag that got filled with awesome stuffs for just a couple of minutes! Spell out swag dear, like S-W-A-G.

Back to the 3 booths, I liked the Champion booth the most. I liked their booth because they are not making tipid on giving prizes slash loots slash freebies! They gave us 3 packs of Detergent Powder (around 120 g.), 2 bars of jumbo soaps and some fabric conditioners and dish-washing liquid as well :)) We played a game at their booth also. The game was forming a tower using the champion bars but unfortunately, my mother didn’t won. Hahaha. Okay, lezz move on! :3

Poses on the camera! <3 This booth was the Lucky Me booth. They got so many pakulo and it was fun! :D Actually I got shocked when someone just grabbed my arm and said that “Hi ate, tara punta ka na sa stage. Magsasayawan tayo, tara! Masaya ‘to. *insert bonggang smile here*" At first, I was like: WHAAAAT?! MEEE?! DAAANCE?! SERIOUSSSLLLY???!!! But then my mom told me that I should go, that I should dance! Hahaha. She told me not to be KJ. And so, I danced! Hihihi :33 I’m such a good daughter, yknow. :))

Anyhoo, at the end of the dance showdown, luckily… I won daw. I got a new tote bag from Lucky Me that time. Consisting of 6 packs of Pancit Canton, 6 Noodles, 2 Minute Maid Bottles, Dutchmill yogurts thingy, etc. (puno nanaman! :D)

Notice the Lucky Me tote bag there? The white one! That was filled with Lucky Me products and I was like… okay, it is worth the dance. Lol. Anyhoo, we roamed around the place up until we found the Pantene Booth. And there, I got my free hair spa! Yay! :33 They also blow dry my hair and gave me a paper bag consist of 2 Pantene Shampoo Bottles, Pantene Conditioner Sachets, Pantene Hot Oil Treatment Sachets and as well for the Rejoice and Head & Shoulders.


Results. From the frizzy, dry hair I got due to the long trip to a bit straight and a shiny hair one :) Thanks to Pantene! <3

The Pepsi booth, Del Monte Booth (which is full of pineapples!) and the CDO Booth.

Then 11:30 am comes. Everybody is having a roll call to be at the lunch venue of WTC. Anyhoo, can you see the 4th photo clearly? I wasn’t able to take pictures kasi that time at the front so I don’t got a decent photo of Alex Gonzaga. Yes, that is Alex Gonzaga :)

We were designated at the 180th table. Creys. :< </3 The stage was so layooo!

After eating my lunch, what I did is to go at the very front of the stage wherein Iya, John Prats and many other stars were like the host of the day. I was like a paparazzi the whole time because it was my first time to see John Prats and Iya Villania too. :3 Iya was a very gorgeous girl and John was a very handsome one but he was shorter than Iya. He is short. Huhuhu.

And then, after 5 hours of taking pictures here and there, I came to a point that its like… I don’t like capturing photos anymore. (that time!) So what I did is to go back at the 180th table then watched thru the monitor + DLP. There was a lot of stars actually all coming from GMA 7 when I decided to go back at my seat. Its like the whole Bubble Gang cast were there. From Michael V to Ruffa Mae to Moymoy Palaboy. But yeah, I got bored kasi and I was tired na :)) 

Then after an hour, we decided to go home na :) It was already 3 or 4 pm when we leaved WTC. We already arrived at home around 7 to 8 pm because it was traffic and of course, its too far from home. But the haggardness you’ll feel and everything would be lost easily once you rest and once you reminisce the things you brought home. Not the material things but the fun and the enjoyment :) Hihi :3

Anyweiz, we got a H-U-G-E duffle or strolley bag after the bazaar :) It was filled with the freebies we got earlier and surprisingly, there was another 3 plastic bags inside filled with goodies. In short, the Suy Sing event was really a bonggels one. And because of that? I cannot wait for the next successful years brought to us by Suy Sing. :)