My Fifteenth Birthday

Last week, my friends and I went to SM Fairview. I treated them at Sbarro for the celebration of my fifteenth birthday. :) JSYK, I celebrated my birthday last year at the mall with my friends too and I’m kinda used to it. I mean, I’m used to celebrate my birthday with my friends rather than with my relatives at home. So, instead of having a kainan at home or even a party slash night-out with them, I’d better choose to hang up with them at ze mall. :)

Anyhoo, thank you for all those who greeted me last week! :) I would also like to say thank you to all of the readers for the continuous support I am receiving to my blog even though I am not that much updating this compared before. I love every single of you, guise. <3 You always make me smile especially when someone liked my post. :”) It makes me kilig every time when someone notices my blog post. Thanks again to all of you!! :D

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