Heyyo! I’m very very sorry if I’ve been MIA for the past few days (or let’s say weeks?). Y’know, i’ve been updating my blog when just someone asked me a question or if there’s something to reblog with or whatsoever~ Anyhoo, I can’t also blame it on school (especially the HWsss. Its quite normal, I am a student, still :c). Then add the fact that I should review for our periodical exams this Wednesday-Friday. Plus the rushed projects, the quizzes, etc. Uh, what else should I say about the school stuffs? Ugh. Nothing more and nothing less, I think. That’s all for now :3 I just updated you what’s the *main reason* of why did I’ve been MIA. Hihi *u* God bless everyone! Good Morning to all of us :)

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